Some girls don’t like cuddling

I believe in the sanctity of sleep.


Who’s your momma?

Let’s all mentally agree, right now; humans are a mess. All of us includes you. In that same spirit, let us agree that we have hope because it’s crucial. Today’s hard question is “Who’s your momma?” I don’t know in what age bracket we reach- perhaps mid-20s and closer to 30s, that we begin viewing... Continue Reading →

Trust me, she’s not crazy

Post publishing note: and then there's the saying crazy people think they are normal. I don’t know about your friends but mine, when you say ‘children’, their eyes glaze over. We have nothing against babies; we just don’t think getting one is the right thing for us, especially not in the near future. But why... Continue Reading →

Remembering the exes

... and other guys I liked. Still, on the theme of self-love and dating myself this year, I've been having cringe memories of things I did for said men. Like... bruh. I'm sure some of them shake their heads too, like the time I talked trash to this guy at night, and the following morning he... Continue Reading →

When You Don’t Quite Trust God

As I chew on a questionable carrot at 5:40am, I realize that trusting God is the hardest thing to ever do. Think about it. No, really, take a moment and think about it. You don't have to finish reading this post... but just think about it. I am an intense person. Now that that's out... Continue Reading →

“…but did you die?”

A heartbreak won’t kill you… Unless it’s manifested into a physical illness or you’re holding a lethal item to your body with the intention of committing suicide. The best thing you can learn to do for yourself is to be still and sit in the pain. Is this easier said than done? A.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y. With sex, money,... Continue Reading →

Single and on a journey

This is for the people who've lost relationships because they dared to become a better version of themselves.    Think about all the things we do in a relationship to avoid getting hurt. I don't know about you but I've always had a wall around my heart. I'd love to sound profound and say that... Continue Reading →

Owning your part in a breakup

You, my reader, don't need me to tell you how difficult breakups are. I do however want to float three things your way to consider [if you haven't already], especially of you're in the thick of a heartbreak, discontentment or just confusion at it's best. I cannot speak for the married ones, but I hope you'll get... Continue Reading →

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