The Forgotten

I am diligent, and not all seem to notice.

I have never failed you, generations passed;

I will never fail you, your children will testify.

I am the surest thing you’ll ever know

even when stocks fall and your love fade,

I will smile upon you, bloom flowers for you,

anything to lift up your mood.

I know you like me best when I am lowly,

and like cupid, making your love for me swell,

you sometimes awe at me, I blush at that,

even more when your hand links with another.

Outshining others is not my thing;

I will always let others become the news

though I am never really backstage;

you just need to be high enough to see.

Like all things in this world I am not perfect-

some times I’ll be merciless,

but once in a while you’ll miss me too.

But one other is true as I am,

The God who made me and called me.


But one question I must ask,

how would your life be without me?



Oxymoron: A Girl with Freedom


Because I am a girl,

I wear shackles, every day and night.

Because the streets lurk with lunatics,

Men, waiting to rip me and clothes apart,

take away my innocence, dignity, worth.

So my parents lock  me up.

And because these beasts exist, they are justified;

It does not matter how smart or careful I am.

So because monsters exist, my freedom is seized.

My constitutional, no, my God-given Freedom

They do not matter, no matter how much I fight.

No matter how much I believe, whisper, shout!

“‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall fear no evil!”

he will not care about Him, because I am a girl,

he just needs his relief, release my soul if necessary.

How many girls suffer these animals?

How many stories are there? Told and untold?

Freedom? Please.