Peanut butter and bananas

I had a meeting today for a start up magazine by *checks notes* ya! Basically the aim of the magazine is to promote travel in Kenya by highlighting travel spots and events the writers have been to. Target audience? 18-26. The fun people write about fun stuff and the rest of us write about more... Continue Reading →


Dunes III

‘Damn it Brit!’ I said right before the director could yell ‘Cut!’ from the shadows. He yelled that no one should move and walked toward Brit, who was both visibly shocked and embarrassed. Now she definitely looks like my stalker, I thought to myself as I shifted my weight from one foot to the other,... Continue Reading →

Final thoughts

It is dark, the street lamp shines outside the window.Does she mind, so she blinds her closed eyes,is his content he can see her face?Cotton balls with make-up,cotton shirts with yellow sweat stains in baskets,sleepy eyes confuse their rightful places.As I lie in bed, I wonder what he in China thinks,or she in Cuba feels.Was... Continue Reading →

Christ Deity

Profound truths.



As I delve into this study, I must first acknowledge it has been inspired by the letters of Paul. In these books, there are incidences that have shown the magnum opus of Christ, our Lord and Savior.

I have turned 10 years in the Kingdom today but one of the most confusing tasks as a Christian for many years has been to understand Christ and His Kingship role in our lives.

This study focuses on very inspiring scriptures that impacted my life through the years. The scriptures are in Isaiah, 1 Corinthians, Colossians, Ephesians and finally in the book of Revelations.


I want to consider this extract as the most honored extract to write. Indeed I am the least worthy to write it and deep inside, as convicted as I am, I feel I should have done this 40 years from now when all be turning 50; perhaps all…

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