At Peace with the Potbelly

For you who has body image issues.

Women are prettier than they think they are. Men are not as good looking as they think they are. This was what I came to see after watching these Dove ads.



So it was hilarious, honestly, especially with the men. So while they need to dumb down their ego, I want to reach out to the ladies who are having a hard time accepting who they are. I speak from a Christian viewpoint but stick around; you just might come away with something.

So I have been told I am pretty, the occasional ‘beautiful’ word has been dropped on me, and that is all very nice (read flattering), but like many ladies, I do not see it. So today after watching a semi- musical series called Smash, I felt fat. My BMI tells me I am overweight, well and good, but I cannot be bothered to fuss with diets and exercise at this point. I admit I have in the past but BEH! Drive a screw to that. Not in the zone at the moment.

So I went to the mirror and looked at myself and said, ‘God, show me what you see.’

This was after looking at myself and realizing that I really do not like anything about me. Like I do not hate myself but if an insurance company approached me and asked me what part of my body I would insure, I would say none. Sure people have said they liked my eyes and my hands and whatever other body part, but I was tired of having them tell me what I am to like about myself.

So after that prayer I stood and waited for God to speak. He pointed out that all that He had created was ‘good’. He also brought to my attention that it is the spirit that resides in me that He sees, not the shell it is encased in. And finally, that this case, this temple, this earthen vessel I fuss about so much, will be left here.

I for a second envisioned myself in a coffin.

This body that I worry about so much and how it looks… it does not matter. I am not saying that you let yourself loose, we have been told to care for God’s temple, and society does expect us to do the same, but stop fussing, especially about something that you cannot fix. I believe that altering what you already have or complaining about it is telling God, you did a horrid job, this is not ‘good!’

With that in mind, let go of what you feel about your body. It will not happen overnight, but you need to change your outlook. However will you do it? I have no clue. We are all on different paths but ultimately walking toward one goal; God.






PS: Exercise. Like seriously. There are a lot more benefits than my laziness will admit to right now. Sure it sucks but the joy of being able to finally close that button on your jeans without struggle…!




If you every wondered where you could find a good story teller…


It was the perfect night. The sky was clear, apart from the few patches of cumulus clouds. The air was thin and the sound of leaves swaying to the soft cool breeze had a calming effect to those outside.

Inside the restaurant, the environment was controlled. There were green potted plants placed strategically around the beautiful tiled floor. The soft jazz music was distant yet audible, but not a disturbance. The sounds of clanging of cutlery and whispers and murmurs filled the room as a dull roar. The air inside the restaurant was warm, yet not stuffy. Such restaurants made sure that the air-conditioning was, to say the least, perfect. The air was so fresh that one could only smell the food in the plate right in front of them.

Jennifer loved jazz, and Peter knew this. Peter could not bear to disappoint his girlfriend, more so on her birthday…

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