At Peace with the Potbelly

For you who has body image issues. Women are prettier than they think they are. Men are not as good looking as they think they are. This was what I came to see after watching these Dove ads.   So it was hilarious, honestly, especially with the men. So while they need... Continue Reading →



If you every wondered where you could find a good story teller…


It was the perfect night. The sky was clear, apart from the few patches of cumulus clouds. The air was thin and the sound of leaves swaying to the soft cool breeze had a calming effect to those outside.

Inside the restaurant, the environment was controlled. There were green potted plants placed strategically around the beautiful tiled floor. The soft jazz music was distant yet audible, but not a disturbance. The sounds of clanging of cutlery and whispers and murmurs filled the room as a dull roar. The air inside the restaurant was warm, yet not stuffy. Such restaurants made sure that the air-conditioning was, to say the least, perfect. The air was so fresh that one could only smell the food in the plate right in front of them.

Jennifer loved jazz, and Peter knew this. Peter could not bear to disappoint his girlfriend, more so on her birthday…

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