We know yet not understand

We know the world is round, but without an explanation, we don't understand what that means or why that is so. All we know is that the atlas says so and the globe is round. The atlas is the bible and the globe is our churches. We read and are taught that God loves us... Continue Reading →


Coffee Moments: Not Always about you

  *sips coffee* *gags* I will even be bold and say that it is hardly ever about you. This comment should not be held against me, I am just at that point of my life where humbleness, an old concept yet a totally new experience, has been introduced to me. I must say clearly, without any... Continue Reading →


All she could see was a strip.It ran across the horizonEmitting a yellow glow.She longed for itThough it gave no warmth.She put messages in bottlesThe crimson fluid pulsating,Rhyming with the beat of her heart.She wrote by the dull lanternstraining, fumbling. She replaced the corks and hurled;They always made a soft splash as they landedSwaying, moving,... Continue Reading →

Lessons from nature

It takes deep revelation to churn out such content. Amazing work.


It’s amazing the number of things we learn from nature when it comes to the Bible. During Jesus life time some of the following instances are mentioned:

  • Lilies of the field (God’s bounty)
  • Thorns, figs and thistles (warnings)
  • Palm and branches (victory/ triumph)
  • Hyssop – sponge (reduce pain)
  • The Vine (Mentioned in verse 15)

In the Old Testament, we also get a few, one of them Psalms 1, my old time favorite. Other examples include:

As I was researching about this topic I found two new interesting facts about trees that I think of sharing.

  • One large tree can lift up to 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air in a day.
  • One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people.

Trees are great part of vegetation and it’s not unusual that it would be used in…

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The real beauty

Rants I really have not been in the mood to write. Granted, there are a lot of things in my life that I do not currently feel like doing. They include, exercising, eating right (those Tuskys tea scones...hmm!), watch news or read the newspapers... the works. I have been making excuses for so long that... Continue Reading →

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