The sun was shining on her face
It was cool,
like warm soft hands cupping her frame.
She walked to the edge of the city
Hoping she could get the signal-
Anything to let her know it was safe,
That she could now open the gates.
She removed a length brick from the wall,
She spoke.
He spoke.
She sigh.
The sun still kissing her face, she replaced the brick.
By the time she got to her high tower,
Only pregnant clouds stood witness.


Coffee Moments: Stranger in my head

*sips coffee*

It is beyond me why I continue to consume this once hot liquid when all it is giving me is heart-burns.

As I write this post I am listening to Emeli Sande’s song Wonder… and really we are full of wonder… Yea this is taking a rather cheesy turn. I am not good at motivational speeches so I will stick to what I know.

I told a friend that at this point of my life I feel as though there is a part of me (my soul) seated somewhere behind my eyes just watching life happening. It does add drama to my life and makes for excellent directing lessons if I am ever to get into that field of work…

I really hope I could explain further but that is all there is to it.

Not everything needs an explanation in life. Not everything needs mending.

And it just occured me that potential employers will read my blog. I feel that I should change some of my content, make it more ‘serious’… but no. Why?

Not everything in life needs an explanation.

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How to: Use a pit latrine by Ian Kithinji

Place feet firmly beside hole.

Pull nether coverings down 2 ankles.

Lower glutius maximus 2 hole without lifting heel frm ground.

Push body weight forward n rest thighs on calves for balance.

Allow bowel 2 move n/or bladder 2 release.

Savor relief.

Clean self n exit premises.

Remember, no sweaters in small room.

Tribute to Grandpa…

Tribute to grandpa…

You remind me of me, my siblings, my father, my uncles and aunt… all called by your name.

I see you in me, me in you. The blunt honesty, straight from the heart, aimed not to destroy but to build. You were not perfect, but you did a perfect job in the generations you birthed. We are all proud to be called by your name. In all the grandchildren you left, each one can see themselves in you, especially your sense of humour and family. Family was important to you. First priority and enforced it by literally throwing out a man who dared insult this principle out of your house.

We all have different memories of you. My most vivid was you hitting me with a hair brush that lay on the dining table that occupied the small sitting room before you got sofas. I remember staring up at the light through the clear corrugated sheet amid the iron sheets that roofed the house trying not to cry. I remember finishing the food fast, and having the knowledge that I was truly wrong for not finishing my food. It reminded me of mum. She punished me when I was wrong. And because she loved me, and love me you did.

I can also remember you calling my brother a fag for having long relaxed hair during his teenage years. You made countless ‘rude’ remarks that left the rest of us saying ‘wah’ over and over again in disbelief. Simply hilarious! Kind of like Mama Kiki… I see a lot of you in her.

It is from you we learnt honesty, and humour. That my cousins and I can sit together, make jokes and have a great laugh.

Life happens, but I pray that we never lose sight of each other.

I wish I saw you more, I wish I wasn’t too caught up in my life and hormones (sigh) to get to know you. But now, I am glad that every Christmas since I was born, I got to see you.

Here, I can only speak of what I know, but given half the chance, everyone would speak good things about you. Not because you have gone to be with Christ that they seek to be polite, but because of the man you were. We are proud to be of your lineage.

We are proud to be Kamiros.

Forever you live on.

Love you and miss you.


PS: Giathenge ni form.


Pause and calmly think about that!

I am having a hard time doing this because though thinking is easy, I can hardly keep calm. But I have to be because sleeping angry is not wise.

In the spirit of following Christ instructions (working progress) I still have to find it in me to forgive those who have ‘bored’ me on this particular day. I need to learn not to take things personally because I will need the same grace extended to me when the time comes because lets face it, none of us cannot not step on other people’s toes once in a while. If you hardly ever do, you are probably a people pleaser. Or gifted.

So, by faith, not feelings, I shall say Selah and goodnight.


Coffee Moments: Violation of Banana’s Rights

courtesty of:

courtesty of:

This banana is innocent. It never asked to be nominated, voted and crowned as a sex symbol. If it had a soul it would be damaged, confused, hurt, lost, broken. Everything that God made was ‘very good’. Why can’t we ladies then no longer eat a banana in public and not get winks from some filthy minded men?!

I passed by the kiosk earlier in the night to buy some bananas. When I left the house there was only an avocado and I wanted to eat a different fruit after supper. I plucked four bananas from a bunch that was hanging from a string tied to the  wooden frame supporting the corrugated iron sheets, I asked for a small transparent paper bag and paid the shopkeeper. I put two of the bananas in the paper and took the last two and started walking away as I tried putting them into the bag.

There were two men seated on a motorcycle as though on a bench packed next to the shop  and the one seated on the rear wheel said something, but not loudly.

At first I thought to myself, ‘Why would he ask for a banana, they only cost five bob…’ until my mind processed what he had actually said.

‘Unataka nikuonyshe ingine?’ (Do you want me to show you another?)

I was so shocked I walked the rest of the way home talking to myself and saying ‘waaaaahhh!’ over and over again.

That man had no right to cheapen the bananas I had bought like that. Or all the bananas in the world. He had NO RIGHT!

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Can God trust you?

Let me start off by stating that God is not like man. He did become man for our sake, but He is not man.

When we meet someone for the first time, even though there may be chemistry between us and the person, it does not change the fact that we have to be smart about what we reveal to them. We have all experienced betrayal for trusting too fast or too much. We are told in Proverbs 4:23 that ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life’. There are so many times that I have been hurt or disappointed for not keeping information important to me to myself. It is not always about betrayal but also a lack of understanding or the casual way something I have expressed has been treated.

This to a great extent has led to my diminishing need to express what I really think or feel. I also know that there are certain people I have hurt or disappointed for treating their inner most thoughts casually. Words are important; we are told they hold the power of life or death.

The same way we expect people to be loyal to our words is the same way we should be to others. I do not want to take anyone for granted. I am past idle chatter and so are the people around me, and I want to treat their words with respect. I want to understand, connect, and above all react appropriately.

This brings me to my earlier statement. God became man and thus understands what it is to live in a fallen world. He is no longer a distant God but one that can relate with me and show me that ‘Hey! This can actually be done right!’

If I am still caught up in sin (‘…everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness’ II Tim 2:19), what reason does He have to trust me? Why should He tell me what He thinks, why should He reveal things about His kingdom when I can’t or don’t treat His Word with the respect it deserves?

God is under no obligation to give or tell us anything. I thank Him for Grace, but I now understand why most Christians (I included) seem to lack sense in some or many areas of their lives. The Holy Spirit guides us, He may tell us to read a certain scripture, He may tell us to give our least favourite person our most valued item… but if our hearts are hardened and sinful, why should He guide us to great blessings? In salvation we are guaranteed heaven, but that is about it. The rest is up to us.

Miserable Christians do exist.

Can you be trusted with kingdom information?