The sun was shining on her face It was cool, like warm soft hands cupping her frame. She walked to the edge of the city Hoping she could get the signal- Anything to let her know it was safe, That she could now open the gates. She removed a length brick from the wall, Peeped.... Continue Reading →


Coffee Moments: Stranger in my head

*sips coffee* It is beyond me why I continue to consume this once hot liquid when all it is giving me is heart-burns. As I write this post I am listening to Emeli Sande's song Wonder... and really we are full of wonder... Yea this is taking a rather cheesy turn. I am not good... Continue Reading →

How to: Use a pit latrine by Ian Kithinji

Place feet firmly beside hole. Pull nether coverings down 2 ankles. Lower glutius maximus 2 hole without lifting heel frm ground. Push body weight forward n rest thighs on calves for balance. Allow bowel 2 move n/or bladder 2 release. Savor relief. Clean self n exit premises. Remember, no sweaters in small room.

Coffee Moments: Violation of Banana’s Rights

This banana is innocent. It never asked to be nominated, voted and crowned as a sex symbol. If it had a soul it would be damaged, confused, hurt, lost, broken. Everything that God made was 'very good'. Why can't we ladies then no longer eat a banana in public and not get winks from some... Continue Reading →

Coffee Moments: Lost art of conversations

*sips coffee* I just remembered this lame memory of me in middle school. When we were living in Uganda the land line was off limits half the time because my brother managed to run the bill to the high heavens. I probably played a part but memory tells me that he was mostly to blame.... Continue Reading →

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