My Response to Westgate Mall Attacks #WeMustDoSomething

"In the same way that many victims, journalists and security forces chose not to be afraid at Westgate Mall, I will put aside my small fear of looking ridiculous, of failing, of being uncomfortable, of doing something that is bigger than me, and I will begin with this little piece of earth that I stand... Continue Reading →



His stories are legendary…


The jet black Audi Q7 pulled up in front of the tall glass building and everything happened like clockwork. Mbugua opened the door for his boss who stepped out of the vehicle swiftly. His boss had both his hands on his blackberry and his eyes fixated on the screen. He walked briskly and confidently toward the building. His body had already learned how to get to his office from the vehicle. He needed not look at the path. The security guard, with a firm grip on the handle, swung the glass door open and greeted the man walking through, “Good morning mister Langa.”

He did not get the response he was so used to, “I told you to call me Oliver, Ted.” Oliver just walked past paying no mind to the security guard who had become a close acquaintance. He then walked into the building lobby and headed straight for…

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PR lessons from the Kidero-Shebesh incident

I seek to not poke fun at the alleged incident, but rather to enlighten you in the dynamics at play as a Public Relations practitioner. Before I proceed, let me state that this is in no way a feminist piece and that my thoughts about the Kidero-Shebesh incident will be withheld. All I will say... Continue Reading →


Now. In Philipians 4:11 Paul talks about being content in all circumstances. In her book Ending Your Day Right Joyce Meyer states that spiritual and emotionally stability is a sign of maturity. A friend of mine stared at each other from across the table during bible study last night, quickly falling into a sudden gloom.... Continue Reading →

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