Owl is well!! \o/

I saw her!!

I have been having a particularly nice day spending time listening to Joseph Prince, the most powerful being to simply rest in God and how not doing so is a sin (Hebrew 4:9-11).

It is finished. You are seated with Christ. We are told in God’s word Jesus is seated by His right hand, high above his enemies. Why then do we get stressed??!

I know right?!

I went for a walk after taking a friend who had visited to the stage and I was just in awe of Him. And the planet Venus looks particularly bring nowadays. Not sure I am ready to admit I was the one with sight problems. Anyway when I got home I paused for a while in the compound talking to God then I remembered my brother had mentioned seeing an owl recently. If you remember my parents had them evacuated from their nest in the roof’s wooden beams/ceiling and one was killed in the process (see me for feathers).

So as I stood there I told God, ‘I haven’t seen owls in a while. It would be nice to see one!’

Then I heard in my spirit, ‘Kuja nikuonyeshe’ Come, let me show you in a somewhat amused voice.

I was of course convinced that was me talking back at me, as in, come on! All the same I said it’s alright if it was, though seeing an owl would make my night. I round the house to the now cut branches they used to chill and to the back.

Then I saw her. A huge brilliant white mass lit by the security light at the garage area. She flew off a few seconds later, her large brown wings flapping strongly.


I am not crazy. God loves me so much that He will grant me even the smallest of desires.

Rest in His love today. My walk with His just become that much exciting, and now I am more than willing to give up my ways for His i.e rest from my work just as He did from His. Selah!



And the winner is…

I would like to acknowledge my dad and his friends/co-workers that have read by blog: Thank you.

My twenty-three year old self is learning so much every single day that it takes me a week to realize just how much information I consume… and the confusion it sometimes brings. There are a lot of things that I have had to unlearn and I will give a few examples, but as I try live in peace with everyone I will have to keep it vague and not mention names.

Not every Christian is perfect. No wait; there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. Case in point- me. I could derive a lot of examples from myself but I am in a season of back-patting and saying, ‘Yes, you have quite a few hang ups but my! Oh my! Has God brought you from a MIGHT long way!’ But I want to ask you, and myself, to extend the same grace, patience and understanding to other Christians who do things that make you wonder, ‘Has Jesus packed and left?’

You know that thing God does, where He just interrupts your thoughts and shines truth upon you? Especially without your asking?

The last line of that paragraph was meant to read something like this: I have met Christians who profess a lot of faith and even ask you to trust them only for them to let you down.

I am tempted to wrap up this post because God just threw in the punch line before I even got to the heart of it.

I hereby give in to that temptation.


First Kiss

She snorted with laughter; some of it landed on his arm. She pretended not to notice but put her hand over the spot it had landed and laughed even harder and buried her head in his surprisingly toned chest. She let the loose braids fall on her face and when she finally sat upright she brushed the remnants of her snort from her nose using her sweater sleeve.

‘She is so perfect…’ Hector thought, fascinated that Lisle had gotten his RoboCop joke.

Their hands were intertwined, legs dangling off the pier looking off into the man-made lake that supplied the city with drinking water framed by wild vegetation. No one was allowed to swim or row a boat in it, but for the right price you could get close to the water, otherwise everyone was restricted behind the gate twenty feet away. And that is if you knew about this particular access route.

Lisle looked up into Hector’s eyes fascinated by how blue they were, not minding of one bit that it was a genetic mutation. She put her hand on his cheek and guided him to her lips. They held the kiss for a long moment. When they finally parted, Lisle had a tear in her eye.

Hector, both confused and concerned wondered what the matter was. Upon asking, Lisle, void of many words muttered under her breath ‘sorry’ over and over again. She drew away and stood up with a lot of help from Hector’s wheelchair. Her ankles were swollen for the much walking she had done that day, pushing Hector around in it.

Lisle was embarrassed; she was nineteen and this was her first kiss but she was not going to tell Hector that. She knew for a fact that he had gotten a lot more kisses than she had.

As she was walking off, her intention being to walk up the pier and down again hoping she would have by then regained her composure, she heard a splash, then a plop.

Turning around, both Hector and the wheelchair were nowhere in sight.

Screaming, she ran- at lease she tried- as fast as her one-twenty kilogram body could carry her to find help. The caretaker was not far away and hearing her panicked cries, he ran toward her from the ramp that led to the pier. It took a rather long time to figure out what the matter was through her panting, but when he looked down the pier and say no one and nothing, he understood what had happened.

He couldn’t swim either.

Five painful minutes later, the guard who was on his way to the washrooms resurfaced with Hector’s body. His lack of legs made him lighter than he had anticipated, but the shock was not any easier on him. He had never seen a dead body before, let alone touched it. It was hard getting the wheelchair off the young man that had pinned him to the lake’s floor. Looking at the lifeless body, no one knew what to do. CPR did not cross their minds.

Unable to cope with the amount of water in his lungs, Hector gave up a minute later.

Being a Woman in Kenya Part 1 #KenyaRapeCulture by @TheMumBi

And the whole country will agree. Your community will shake their heads, your church will shake their heads, Your family will shake their heads… and say..”maybe you shouldn’t go there next time, or talk to him alone next time. Now you know where not to go out to! Or what not to say.. in case it happens again..”


A whole life subversively conditioned to the possibility of being violated, sexually assaulted or raped. Worse still is the likely possibility of your sisters, your mother, your loved ones being as violated and you being *powerless* to bring address to it. This is the life of women in Kenya.

‘Sit like this. Wear dark colours. Only loose women wear bold colours. Don’t stay out at night.. Your curfew is 9pm.. only loose women stay out at night! Don’t drink beer or alcohol. That sends out the wrong message and we did not bring up a prostitute in this home! Only rebellious loose women smoke!’ Come back straight from work.. no credible woman can say she was having meetings throughout the evening. And stay out of politics. Politics is for loose or divorced women.’

So you dress not to “call attention”  .. you talk ~either overly aggressive or lowly “not to call…

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