Daddy Paranoia

Dad: D are you okay? D: (throwing up in a plastic bag in the back seat, pausing) eerrmmm *hurl* Dad: Are you pregnant? D: (Momentarily stops to look at her father) what?! *hurl* Dad: Are you pregnant? Mum: (From the co-driver seat) leave her alone dear. Dad: No. I want an answer! D: (pauses as... Continue Reading →



It is all vanity. Chasing after what you desire in life, getting it, putting it aside and on to the next one. It is pretty pointless. Letting an abundance of possibilities present skits in your mind and finding peace or worry in the will-not-happen. It is senseless. Pouring your heart to those you feel are... Continue Reading →

Village Christmas tales: Superwoman

Two things are true. One is that this post might get me banned from my friend’s life and two, this is the scariest funniest memory I have. I am not sure what time of the year it was (this would make for a nice Christmas memory) but my parents had packed my elder brother and... Continue Reading →

Coffee Series: The business of minding our own business

I was watching Jerseylisious earlier (for those who have not watched this reality show, it is basically about these group of friends and foes working in hair and makeup salons) and the drama was as fierce as it was when I last watched it... probably a year ago. There is a lot of gossip and... Continue Reading →

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