She was beautiful. But so were her fellow flowers.  She wondered why they never picked her. Maybe if she was brighter, taller. Maybe.  She died without realizing her purpose.


Puppy Love

Jump, lie down, roll over. That I did for you, day in, day out. I did not mind.  It kept me fit and my heart open. You learned my rhythm, at first with fascination mesmerized by what I was willing to do for you.   Soon your eyes glazed over, and out of boredom or... Continue Reading →

A new breed of writer’s block

And it is called Sufferingcom Safaricom internet. I tried to load pictures of our December family road trip but because of how slow the net was I gave up. Besides, we are already halfway through January so what would be the point of uploading them anyway? Aside from that I had tried blogging twice before... Continue Reading →

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