Different Kind of Love Poem

Kya Hither I feel for you fountains and dandelions. I feel for you unicorns and red roses. I feel for you like Cinderella and Beauty. I want you like this was Disney Channel but I want you without the hustle,  without the need to fight and hurt  and without the need to wait and grow.... Continue Reading →


Good men exist!

And no, 'good' and 'men' in one sentence is not an oxymoron 😀 Mum wakes up everyday somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00 am. Today after my devotions I was rather hungry so went down to make myself an early breakfast. As I waited for tea I noticed my mum's hurried but purposeful movements to prepare... Continue Reading →

Marriage ni Kuvumilia

'Marriage ni kuvimilia.'These were the words of one mother to her last born daughter when she complained about her husband. (Marriage is endurance) I like listening to stories and not those that beginning with ‘Once upon a time’. I want to hear real life stories because fiction, to be honest, is overrated. Not unless you are... Continue Reading →

City dwellers.

I never thought that Jaymo could be this good a writer the first time I met him. His praises shall be, from now on, always on my lips. Really, really great piece. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

In My Own Words


Welcome. Sit. Have a drink
sip from my cup, fellow stranger
trade me your time for a coin and I will show you
what makes this city tick:

There is a woman: Sabina Joy
they say she was here since time began
I agree.
she is a dealer.
in hopes and quick gropes.
many a man in this town have found solace on her ample bosom.
she does not judge and
for the right price she will sell you your ego back
along with a basket of dis-ease and dis-use.
…but she does her part in building the nation; one man (or many) at a time.

Around here, is where they bury aborted dreams
in this den, you will find rusted faces that tell of stories of even darker places.
This. Is the devil’s lair, where only the lost, the stupid or the mad ones dare.
Adversity looms here…

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Just Not into You

Jules:     We are NOT doing this right now. Kate:     Doing what? Jules:     Put that phone down. We both know there is nothing on Facebook to do, nothing could have popped up on Instagram since you refreshed it ten minutes ago and everyone on WhatsApp is asleep. And you are not active on... Continue Reading →

Ramblings of a young woman

Encouragement is good for the soul. To prevent encouragement (n) from feeling embarrassed or awkward I shall not mention them. I can only say thanks for pushing me to write on that Sunday morning matatu ride. I do not promise to write consistently but I will sure as heaven (why do people say ‘hell’?) take... Continue Reading →

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