In Love and War

I don't know when I wrote these in my poetry book but rather amused they followed one another. I will fall, graceless and loud laugh along and mask my shame. I will get up and do it all again, not because I cannot walk, no, but because your feet is where I want to be. You... Continue Reading →


Stay calm and whistle

Someone just told me this. I find it rather humorous. No matter what metaphor you give your life, it is safe to assume that you all agree that it has an abundance of highs and lows, irrespective of the ratio between the two. Even for the addict, they have that moment of absolute low before... Continue Reading →

Babe don’t do this

Jake: Samantha do not do this to me. Please. I beg you. Silence Jake: Samantha I have done nothing but care for you, given you all you need and more. I don’t understand what I have done to deserve this. Silence Jake: Okay babe I need you to do something. Say something. Anything. Silence Blink... Continue Reading →

Age is not a number

For those who know me well there are instances you may have called me ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish’ and not necessarily in the dictionary context of those words but because I said something extremely silly. I blame the people I live with, including my mum, whom I have been telling with increasing frequency, ‘Mum, we are... Continue Reading →

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