#PanganiBlast – 10 things to note

#PanganiBlast After reading the tweets mentioning this hashtag, there are both some interesting and disturbing things I have noted about the Kenyans tweeting. There are a lot of messages of condolences to the families of the deceased police men and a prayer for the fallen heros. People are saying that police should not enter vehicles they are... Continue Reading →


the importance of failure

“in failure, you become self aware of your habits, your emotions, etc. Self awareness is one of the most important things you can have in life, because sometimes we really think we know ourselves but in reality we haven’t even started. “

hearts on sleeves club

If I were to ask you what failure is, you probably wouldn’t have any words to describe it, but if I asked you what failure felt like it would be a different story. Failure really doesn’t have a definition. I believe this to be, because everybody has a different kind of failure, or a different idea of what failing entails. Technically failure means a “lack of success”. We associate failure with negative feelings, emotions, and ideas. You hear the word failure and it automatically makes your stomach turn because nobody likes to fail. There is a constant negative aura around the word failure, but I believe its time we start looking at failure in a different light.

Let’s take success for example, failure’s complete opposite. When you succeed I can speak for everyone when we say there is no other feeling like it. You did it, you made it, but…

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Phoneless Week: Day 2

Turns out that there will only be three posts in this series making the total days of phone-less-ness four. Oh well. Apart from the amount of reading I am getting done (and spring cleaning) I realize that I need to prioritize important tasks and allocate time accordingly. I also noticed I am relationship oriented but... Continue Reading →

Phoneless Week: Day 1

It really is day three but work with me here Our society is narcissistic so let us not pretend that being phoneless is not a big deal! That said, I may have skipped the denial stage all together because I have such a peace about not having a phone. It feels like a detox mainly because this time... Continue Reading →

Shades of Grey

Pit:         You are so going to hell for this. Kiki:       That is a possibility actually… It has always been a possibility. Pit:         So, are you going to tell her? Kiki:       You know the answer to that. Pit:         I actually don’t, I can’t read your thoughts. Kiki:       Gimme a second, Ben’s calling Pit:         Are you... Continue Reading →

Do you boo boo!

Here I am after WordPress sent a reminder that my weekly goal needs to be met. I thought that was pretty cool, never mind that the reminders are computer generated, thoughtlessly dropping into my inbox. No WordPress employee will know a certain Maureen Wambaire is going to post something because she was reminded to. Whether... Continue Reading →

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