Broken homes

She sat down gracelessly, not caring that her short pink pleated skirt was well up her thighs. Her ‘father’ frowned at her brown legs, all too familiar from the years he had visited her room at night. Neema tacked her legs under her, sinking in a bit further into the brown upholster. Her mother walked... Continue Reading →


Are you on drugs son??

I am directly asking this impolite question to all the men I have interacted with out of the niceness of my heart but have gone ahead and said or done something insanely foolish. Does everyone have hidden agendas? Case Study One: The matatu owner I boarded a matatu to a different route as I was... Continue Reading →

Poem: It’s Definitely You.

It’s not me, it’s you.My soul and mind you have notIntrigued, captured, run off with-Okay maybe it’s not you,It’s me.Your Googled card tricksAnd magic tricks don’tMeet my standards of amazementSo this is the part I say‘It’s been real.’I will now leave you to watchThe cloud of dust left by my heelsAs I proceed to run... Continue Reading →

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