The Kanju Chronicles

Such is life 😀

By Loi Awat


We picked up our 8 foot long set [for Relief], which was put together by Bonnie Muritu, a carpenter based in Gikomba market. He bought us breakfast of tea and bread, although at the time we didn’t know how much we’d need it later in the day! We took a mkokoteni (cart-puller) from the market into town – all the while taking footage and pictures for our behind-the-scenes documentary, and helping the mkokoteni man to push the load.altAiFGiCbnD29BmLqBICRO1FL2HiRp1FspkV3KJPjaKAi0

We got into town through a busy street (Accra Road), and got held up in traffic – that was when a man came up to us, and began hustling the production designer Mumo. He was challenging Mumo to take another photo – “si upige kama wewe ni mtu wa media!” (“Go ahead and take more photos if you’re a journalist!”). When the traffic moved and we tried to…

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Mwanamke ni kublush

I have a friend (word used with a pinch of salt and a serving of yoghurt and chili dip) who has a habit of calling me when I am in a matatu. You know how your voice changes when you are talking to certain persons while in public? My dad, I will talk as though... Continue Reading →

Mwanamke ni mood swings

Loosely translated to mean 'a woman is characterized by her mood swings' This phrase holds true to me for the past week so I thought I take this opportunity, throw caution to the wind and say what really what thoughts make rounds in my faculties. Along with an array of typos 😀 It will probably... Continue Reading →

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