Confusion, the heart breaker

I’ll KISS- keep it short and simple.

It is painful to pour out your heart and energy into something and getting no reward for it. Our thoughts automatically turn to ‘romantic’ relationships but it across cutting- from loving your stubborn teenager to pouring your all into a business investment that does not yield. But for now, let’s talk about relationships.

Recently did some major fungua roho to a guy I was literally in love with as to how I felt hurt and used. The blind people in the street could tell I was smitten so ignorance here didn’t fly. I moved on from that but what bothered me was that I was never told to buzz off. This to the normal human being indicates that there is a possible future and thus you buzz round and around waiting for them to ‘make up their mind’ but alas! It was not so.

I guess my appeal is don’t waste someone’s time. You can always tell from the get go whether or not you want to be with someone. In case you fall under the confused fella category, feel free to distance yourself and limit your interaction with the other person- you want to show you are a friend but not entertaining their feelings for you. Make it clear as well- I am not ready, can we be friends? And make boundaries while you are at it. Alternatively, find a corner, a river, a hill, a cliff and don’t leave that spot till you make up your mind. It’s for the greater good. And again, you don’t waste anyone’s time.

We on this sad end will try and listen. Sometimes the heart deafens us.

Prayer: Lord help me not become these characters I speak so bitterly of. Amen. Oh! And save me from this rerun.