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I ought to teach Baba Wambaire this phrase, 'started from the bottom now we’re here!’ I always learn so much about him when he gives me a ride to work. This only happens if my boss 'orders' me to sleep in the previous day (see future post about her). Just this morning he told me... Continue Reading →


You Did What?

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Conversations In My Head

Charlie: I don’t think I heard you right. You did WHAT?
Lea: I slept at Sam’s house last night.
Charlie: I can’t believe this. I can’t.
Lea: You don’t have to be so dramatic, it wasn’t all that…
Charlie: *glares*
Lea: We just played games and slept!
Charlie: Just? JUST??!
Lea: Come on… if it is any consolation you are better at this…
Charlie: You lied to me!
Lea: Technically…
Charlie: Withholding information is lying!
Lea: Charl-
Charlie: *resigned and in a small voice* Just tell me how it was.
Lea: Charlie…
Charlie: *raises voice a little* Just tell me!
Lea: It was nice… really nice…she…
Charlie: Continue.
Lea: She did that thing we had been trying.
Charlie: *wide eyed* nooo…
Lea: *smiling* Yes.
Charlie: How did she do it?
Lea: Glue. That’s all it took. Newspaper, water and glue.
Charlie: *shyly* can you show me?
Lea: Of course I…

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