Daddy ametoka far

I ought to teach Baba Wambaire this phrase, ‘started from the bottom now we’re here!’

I always learn so much about him when he gives me a ride to work. This only happens if my boss ‘orders’ me to sleep in the previous day (see future post about her). Just this morning he told me about his bachelor life and how he shared a two bedroomed house with his brother, cousin, other cousin, another cousin and yet another cousin, who all eventually left him in that succession to start a new life with their girlfriends/ wives, now my aunts.

babyna10When there was no relative left to share the house with he had to move out because the rent was now high on his own. He and his then girlfriend aka Mama Wambaire moved into a small room in Umoja. Now this is how I know my mum loved this man because I don’t ever see myself allowing MYSELF to go through the following for a man: the house was tiny and pretty horrid. The kitchen was so small that only one person could fit at any given time. The space between the door and the floor was pretty big so the sounds of scampering rats seeking refuge in the furthest darkest corner of the room and hungry cats kept them company at night. That was their first home together.

Though they lived there for only a few months, I think it’s never that serious.

Snap! Maybe that’s why I’m still single LOL 😀

Fun Fact: The first gas cooker Baba Wambaire bought was worth 500/- more than his salary. It still lives.

My mum came from a well off family meaning she wore shoes very early on in life. My dad’s freedom from mud, thorns, sharp stones and the odd jigger came when he joined high school. See my reasoning? It’s love I tell you.

Fast forward almost 30 years and lots of graying hair growing faster than they can say ‘move out already!’, these two have done pretty well. Have you met the kids? Oh you’d be in awe! 🙂 Like all humans, my folks are flawed but the fact that their love for us is not left to the imagination or the yearnings of the heart is a blessing, and I do thank God for this- very much.

What else… Baba Wambaire is a loyal saver aka giving you 500 to go out for lunch and a movie with your friends. Note, transport is part of that money he has given you. Those days were just rough!

When I said this morning ‘na dad kweli umetoka mbali’ he credited his and mum’s sweat and blessings from God for where he is. No one else can take credit for his success and I think that’s a pretty good thing.

This man is also VERY humble (when he is not saying, ‘Wambaire, hiyo tu? It’s pocket change!’ after dishing out cash), a character that we had come to detest at some point because of his love of road-side joints with shady décor, poor service, questionable sanitation but good food. In that sector for real, ametoka FAR! I could go on and on but… oh one more thing. He had this thing, when we are traveling and the rest of us are running late he would stand by the door and say, ‘umera haha’ (exit from here). The real question you should ask here is not what was making us run late but rather ‘as opposed to where?’

I can’t wait for him to retire and quit the long lonely rides to and from work and enjoy the work of his hands. Oh and to visit him at 70 with my brothers asking him to stop behaving like a ratchet teenager as he goes through his ¾ life crisis.

PS: A shout out the organization he has worked in since 1986. They have fed, educated, clothed, taken us on awesome holidays, looked after us when we were unwell… the works. Thanks!


*Apologies for any typos. Writer in the making.


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Charlie: *glares*
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Charlie: Just? JUST??!
Lea: Come on… if it is any consolation you are better at this…
Charlie: You lied to me!
Lea: Technically…
Charlie: Withholding information is lying!
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Lea: Charlie…
Charlie: *raises voice a little* Just tell me!
Lea: It was nice… really nice…she…
Charlie: Continue.
Lea: She did that thing we had been trying.
Charlie: *wide eyed* nooo…
Lea: *smiling* Yes.
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