Running full speed in the wrong direction

I've just had one of those Christmases that end and you go 'meh!' but let me not get into the details. One thing though I am battling with is forgiving, forgetting and letting go. Friends and family will upset you but the decision to stay upset is entirely yours. Anyhoooo!!! There's a video of a... Continue Reading →


Modern Day Christianity: Sema ridiculous?

I think that we Christians are a ridiculous bunch because we’re hypocrites and we don’t even know it! I am speaking about people like me. If you feel are enlightened read on anyway, it would do my stats some good. We’ve grown up with the trilogy of Egypt verses Israel: Let My People Go: Don’t... Continue Reading →

Don’t date that fisi. Please.

It's become a running joke that nothing keeps me interested for long. It’s not so funny when the guy you dated for 3 months says that, but let’s not get into that. I want to look at this thing called ‘emotions’ that we women are so famous for. Now that has held my interest since... Continue Reading →

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