Running full speed in the wrong direction

I’ve just had one of those Christmases that end and you go ‘meh!’ but let me not get into the details. One thing though I am battling with is forgiving, forgetting and letting go. Friends and family will upset you but the decision to stay upset is entirely yours.


There’s a video of a young lady talking about how important it is for a guy to make it known from the get go wether or not we can have them. If it’s a no then we know to move on and go spend our energies on another man. You’d think it’s real estate we’re talking about. ‘I’m trying to bag you’ was her main emphasize and that men should stop giving excuses as to why they want to be alone and let us have them! They should, right? 😀


Now I’m sure ladies can relate to this. I watched it the first time and I was deeply amused. Oh I couldn’t stop laughing and sharing. I made the mistake of showing it to a guy; from his reaction you’d think I’d proposed. Weh!
Anyway, I think that video is a fine example of how we women sincerely just need to sit pretty and tight until this man proves he’s worth getting up for. That way you avoid relationships that have you treating a man that’s not your husband as though he were and situationships that not only drain you but have you treating a man that’s not your man as though he was, then you get pissed off when he doesn’t live up to your expectations and commit.

This is what we call running ahead of God in the wrong direction.

‘God I really like them and they seem perfect for me. God help this work.’

10 months later…

‘God if this is not from you, please end it, the hurt is too much…’

Then we spend another 3 months recovering from the hurt and pain, writing and deleting angry messages and playing conversations in our heads with the other person trying to get closure when in real life any such conversation will leave us looking like the victim because let’s face it, it’s never our fault! 😀

We should be careful what we pray for, yes?


I was telling a friend who broke up with the girlfriend recently that silence means wait. Now if only I took my own advice I wouldn’t want to be hiring hitmen. In light of this, I should never have had boyfriend. At aaaallll!!! That said, I am grateful for the experience. I have learnt a lot, grown to act like a lady in the face of unfairness, learnt to lean on God when I have a broken heart, and also increased my confidence and self worth.

But there are some people who shouldn’t have been in my life at all. The scars are real!

So yes, lady, don’t bag a guy with plastic or otherwise. Just wait. God isn’t a God of confusion and when He speaks it’s clear who the right good godly man is. In the mean time, you don’t need the spirit to move to let you know a guy is taking you for a ride. If you feel he is, he probably is.

Women of God, do not stir up love until it so desires. If you feel the urge to date or enter into a situationship with a guy you have doubts about, brag a bible. Or sleep. Or find a hobby. Or leave the country. Or hire a hitman.

PS: husband requirement- must be a reader of my blog whether or not it bores the soul out of him tihihihi!



Modern Day Christianity: Sema ridiculous?

I think that we Christians are a ridiculous bunch because we’re hypocrites and we don’t even know it! I am speaking about people like me. If you feel are enlightened read on anyway, it would do my stats some good.

We’ve grown up with the trilogy of Egypt verses Israel: Let My People Go: Don’t mess with me Pharaoh!, This Wilderness is Going to Kill Us!: Calm thineselves and We Made it Hommes!: Let’s kill everyone else now. For the longest time I’d thought Israel (think ancient context, this modern one is just something else) were a bunch of entitled, undeserving spoilt brats that God chose to honor above all other nations. Including we Africans who were probably butt naked at this time, only getting clothes when the colonizers in form of missionaries came and ran us down with civilization and Christianity. But please, let’s strip ladies for looking like their grandmothers did in the 70s or for paying a tribute to their great great-grandmother whose fleshy breasts bounced around unnoticed when she ran after a stray calf. Because being naked is better than being indecent. Go Kenya!

I digress.

So here they are, being rescued from slavery, seeing God do all these awesome things only to cross over the sea and immediately after their victory party start asking Moses, ‘Kwani you brought us out here to kill us?’ You don’t have food or water. Fine, but you want to tell me the God who had frogs cuddle pharaoh and his people, who cause massive hails to fall, squashing any living thing that was outside AND parted a sea, is incapable of providing food and water?

Sema amnesia!

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Stop agreeing so hard. You are the same.

At the beginning of our salvation we are in love with God, we are wowed and amazed by Him. As we continue seeking Him, He’ll do all these things and reveal His power to us to show us that we made the right decision. Then we start moving away from Him, depending on ourselves to get things done as soon as things start getting harder. We ‘believe’ He’ll come through for us, place deadlines that if He doesn’t meet we pull a Sarah… I understand that this doesn’t happen to everyone, but because of our horrendous state in society, we Christians just aren’t serious with our faith, me included.

Two things: we don’t trust God and we are selfish.


  • Do you worry?
  • Do you complain?
  • Do you lie?
  • Do you steal?
  • Are you stressed?
  • Are you a fornicator?
  • Do you ‘party hard’?
  • Do you have your life all mapped out?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Do you get mad at God for not coming through at the ‘right’ time?
  • Do you think God is unfair?
  • Do you think bad things deserve to happen to bad people?
  • Do you covet?
  • Do you get along with your family?
  • Are you a hater?
  • Do you wish you weren’t where you are in life?
  • Do you hate your boss?
  • Do you slack off on your job?
  • Do you believe you are where you are only because you worked really hard?
  • Do you enjoy the conversations on Classic in the morning?
  • Do you have Nikii Minaj, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross etc. on your playlist?
  • Do you think your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend needs to change?

I could go on.

All the above is typical of the lives of many Christians including mine. Not all those things but you know what I mean.

But here’s my point.

Not gonna lie: I found this HILARIOUS :D

Not gonna lie: I found this HILARIOUS 😀

You trust a Jewish man who lived 2000k+ years ago that said He was God. He died and rose again, from the dead. Then went to back to heaven where He was initially from. And, because He did all that, when we die, we will not go to hell but to heaven to be with God, who sent Him. Because this God who sent Him loved us and didn’t want us to spend eternity, which we have no idea starts when, away from Him.

You believe all that yet you can’t believe Him for your next job so you worry and lie on your CV and bride your way into a company.

You believe all that yet you run your life like it’s yours, never mind that He has the master plan and He knows how best your life should play out. Yet you refuse to yield and ruin your life.

You trust God to save you from hell but can’t believe Him for your own spouse so you go out and borrow someone else’s man or woman, or sit and complain, or settle for someone you know that even you mama wouldn’t approve of.

I think we should stop complaining about the state of the world, country, and church and check ourselves. Many will not believe in Christ because we have nothing to show for it. No power, just hating, consumerism, lies, adultery, cutting each other down, witchcraft and a boat load of pretense.

See how ridiculous we are too?

*goes off to a corner to cry*


Don’t date that fisi. Please.

It’s become a running joke that nothing keeps me interested for long. It’s not so funny when the guy you dated for 3 months says that, but let’s not get into that.

I want to look at this thing called ‘emotions’ that we women are so famous for. Now that has held my interest since the time I discovered that little dots have an ability to fill out. I don’t care for the science of it, what I care about is what it makes me do and why it makes me do that. Case in point: I know I’m confused about an issue when every time I wake up from a nap/sleep and my feelings toward something have changed. So let’s say on a Saturday, if I wake up feeling in deep like with a guy say about 7am while going for a potty break then go back to sleep, by the time I wake up at 10 am for breakfast, the tagline for my thoughts becomes, ‘he is governed by what he thinks is right instead of God.’

It’s quite tiring, all this.

You waiting for a man lol

You waiting for a man lol

Because I’m a woman and I having embraced the fact that I’m not that different from the next one, I can assume that this has happened to each one of them one time or another. With that in mind, I’ll move us to another aspect of emotions that REALLY messes we females up- our ability to overwrite intuition and logic all in one go.

In the not-famous but oh-so-hilarious words of Pastor George Mathu, ‘If you marry someone who doesn’t know the Lord, the devil becomes your father-in-law.’

I’ll let that sink in.

If you have taken offence, apologies, I do acknowledge that there people outside the Christian faith who are nicer than Christians themselves. But let’s just follow this rabbit hole for now.

We women KNOW when a man is taking them for a ride. We KNOW if he’s a wolf in sheep’s skin. There are always cracks and little truths that pop up. If people think your man is arrogant and selfish, he will be the same to you not because you are not special, but because that’s all he knows. If he cheated on his former girlfriend and there is no progression in his faith from that point till now, he’ll cheat on you. Not because you aren’t worth staying pure for, it’s just that he still has the same mentality he did when he was cheating on his ex.

We ladies have been blessed with intuition: the ability to smell cow, horse, chicken, elephant or the infamous bull crap from miles away. We just like to lie to ourselves because the idea of a man giving us attention is worth more than the wreck they might leave us in. And the devil will use this door to devastate us. Not to mention that we’ll lose whatever sound morals we have.

It’s like dating a guy who labels fornication as ‘animal instinct’ and justifying it with ‘God created this desire for a reason!’

God help us.

I think we ladies need to place the desire to have a good godly man above the fear of growing old alone. Your eggs are fine. Sarah had a child at 90. I think. She was VERY old. I know being alone is miserable at times but is being with someone and still being miserable better? I get that we women- that I- like being told sweet things, feeling appreciated, protected and looked after but I want to wait. I know miserable days will creep up and I’ll think of texting that guy I dismissed seven years ago, but I want to be able to snap out of that and not have society, myself included, making me feel impaired for being alone.

If something is not built in and on God as the sure Rock He is, He will not bless it but destroy it in order to remind you that you without Him are nothing. So no, God will NOT understand. He expects you to wait, just like every person in the bible did, including Jesus.

If you find waiting and shutting up about the fact that you are waiting fdgdifficult, telling all your girlfriends just how miserable you are, just ask God to fill you with joy enough to thank Him and praise Him for His promises. The Holy Spirit is your Comforter; don’t spew bitter acid on the rest who are quietly trying to keep calm and know God has a plan. *stops to take notes*

Summary (because even I got lost in my rabbit hole):

  • Don’t overwrite logic and intuition just to have and keep a man.
  • Do not be unequally yoked with a man who’s life and perception of God is not in line with His word whether or not he says he is a Christian.
  • Rubbish relationship and marriages aren’t better than being single
  • Don’t let the pressure to ‘get a man’ (I think we ladies objectify men too, just differently) get to you and make you miserable and bitter.
  • Ask God to help you out; don’t ask Him to bring a man ASAP, but rather show you how to wait joyfully.
  • Borrow a leaf from the guys; how often do you hear of a man whining that he’s single and lonely? Forget the ones who are trying to get you to bed, I’m talking about the legit ones.

*fisi is hyena, a common word used to describe a man who are out to get into a woman’s pants 😀

Cheers fellow waiters!