This is normal for the not normal, and we are far more than we think we are.


The single inescapable fact about man is that he must die. It is the debt that all men pay. Why then does he fight to preserve life? Is it the innate sense of self-preservation that all animals have or is it fear of the unknown? Human beings are the only animals that can have irrational fear. This may be up for debate but I’m trying to make a point here.

Why is this fear so crippling that we go to such lengths of fighting even when we know the battle is futile? Some may argue that it’s the human thing to do. Yes it is. It is also the natural thing that all animals would do. The only difference is that as human beings we have the capacity to recognize that the fight is futile. Yet we fight.

We kill. Human beings are also the only animals that kill for…

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The Sinful Woman

God will reveal to you some things about yourself that will make you despair at your ability to get down and dirty with sin. He is not team #letshidethismess, He is team #letscleanthisup. Though we are told not to judge, I involuntarily looked down on people for a full 5 seconds before the reality that... Continue Reading →

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