Words about a heart

He tore me open and consumed me, Finishing off with my skin to give no remnants a fighting chance. I took it with pleasure on my face But my heart pounded and begged and pleaded. This organ bounced in his pocket, cold and detached, trying to find warmth in the depths of the dark hole, inching closer to his... Continue Reading →


Money Lover

Life lessons.

Love, Truth and Life overflow

I was walking home one easy evening in Nairobi, lost in #Foodie thoughts, you know, what I would have for dinner in my #FlatTummyQuest. I had decided on butternut squash and a nice wet fry 🙂 I was already cutting up the cucumbers, the red and yellow capsicum when a man stopped abruptly. He bent to pick up something from the ground. He then turned my way and said, “Huyu ameangusha pesa na anendelea tu kutembea?” (Someone just dropped some money). I encouraged him to go after the man and give it back.

“Aii zi!si hiyo ni carelessness. Tugawane!”(No, he was careless, let’s share it)

By now, I had noticed he reeked of alcohol. I decided to play along.

“Sawa, but let’s find him and give him the money and then demand ‘our share’… imagine if it was you?”. Accompanying the bundle was a receipt of one of the trusted…

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God doesn’t dig being a third-wheeler

We Christians can be very superficial. As I continue to walk-no, let’s drop these Christian terms and keep it real. The times I bother to come to God in thought, Word or speech I realize that I am so far away from being Christ-like that it’s laughable. To try and compensate for this I will put... Continue Reading →

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