We are friends, the ground and I…

A journey begins with a single step. Or a crawl. For me it’s mostly a crawl. Like a friend asking you how that book you are gushing about is going. What book was it…? Intimacy with God by Joyce Meyer? Yea that book, how is that going? Well it wasn’t going anywhere because I had... Continue Reading →


The ‘rape probability’ game

If you are like me, female anatomy and all, you spend much of your life going for activities that will not get you raped. For example: you won't go 'turn up' in Mathare because there's a ladies night with great offes on your fave liquor. Or even attend a kesha in one of the churches... Continue Reading →

Doing your little thing

That’s what we had for supper on Monday. When I was serving that ugali, spinach and fish in Swahili sauce I said to my younger brother, ‘What am I about to tell you is not an exaggeration and I really do mean it.’ Because he knew it was something mooshy coming he grunted and continued... Continue Reading →

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