Guide to dealing with things not going your way

This one will be short, so short that I feel excited! I think this abstract thing we call life has a life of it's own and it hits you particularly hard when it occurs to you that you just, at any given day, die and leave people sharing at your funeral about the many dreams... Continue Reading →


Phone addiction

I have an addiction to my phone. When I am idle and/or bored that is the first thing I reach for, looking for amusement, a distraction, something to keep my mind occupied, so much so that I don’t think. I hardly think anything deep. Deciding between eggs and cornflakes is not what I am refereeing to.... Continue Reading →

‘Our Fath-‘ *choke*

*post has been updated. See italicized paragraph. Life is unfair and humans are deeply flawed. Once we get these in our mind, we are less likely to go about pointing fingers at those we believe to be the cause of our problem. I am in an awkward position whereby, though I believe in God, He... Continue Reading →

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