Not so jolly good season

If you are like me, and I really hope you aren’t, Christmas this year felt like any other day of the year just with a lot more people in church and venues we’d like to hang out in. I think it started with the knowledge that technically Christ wasn’t born on the 25th of December... Continue Reading →


And the crowd went Sh!

You know how Christians are told, ‘Go yee into the world and spread the gospel’? Apart from our wealthy pastors, seemingly broke priests and teachers of the word, not enough people are keen to take this up. In my life, it is difficult to because I have a mother who, though normally quite in church,... Continue Reading →

The problem with Christianity

... is you. ‘Oh how dare she go there?’ I have arrived and laying the tarmac on the road, so walk with me, won’t you? But first, I have some ground rules. As a Christian, stop holding up non-Christians to the same standard as yourself (God forbid you self-righteous hypocrite!) or even the Bible. When... Continue Reading →

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