‘You are too put together for your age.’

Here, come now, let us reason together. ‘You are too put together for your age.’ *Exhales* This was said to my mid-twenties girlfriend by a thirty-something year old man. *Inhales* This will be an angry rant. I really should not sleep anything less than 6 hours. I turn into such a little monster! So now,... Continue Reading →


Ama you are just stupid?

As I type this post with one hand I would like to give a shout out to all messed up spiritual leaders who get over themselves and their messy lives to deliver a message to an equally messed up congregation. That’s to you Paula White, even you might never get to see this. For you rolling... Continue Reading →

‘By the way… I can’t.’

I could be absolutely wrong but I think this statement marks the height of shiba-ration or simply having had it. I have been saying that a lot and not sure where I picked it up from.. *throws a jab at 'you know yourself'* Now, whether you can or you can’t is an entirely different story, so let’s... Continue Reading →

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