Allowing yourself to be ‘beaten’

Because God is all about whooping some goodness into you. We say ‘Our Father’ so there is no reason why this analogy should not fit. As usually, I will talk about myself; your turn comes at the end of this post in the comments section. This need not be a monologue. Yesterday as I was... Continue Reading →


I am one,are you?


I do not like to write about my inner battles. I feel like I am trying to get self-pity from people who definitely do not help anyone if not make one even feel worse. Despite that, I will share one of the things that bring me down as a person (apart from being short and petite hehehe). I struggle with over thinking. I do it unconsciously and I have been told gazillion times that I should stop it. It’s not easy. It’s a prison that I try to break free from at times. Over thinking is stressful, you carry things in your mind that you are not meant to. It becomes a burden and your mind operates like a processor with many tabs open. You always wonder what people think about you when you do something including breathing *sigh* Are you doing the right thing? Have I dressed well? What…

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Another rant about relationships.

There is something Oprah Winfrey said; if you think he is taking you for a ride, he probably is. Take away your daddy issues, your insecurities, the fact that your close friend has a bigger rack or butt than you or the light skinned chick in the office is prettier than you, or that other... Continue Reading →

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