Guide to dealing with things not going your way 2

Who said Christian living is easy? I currently strongly dislike this phase, praying for people who bore me. Why??!



Well! That was intense!


You meet at a friend’s house party. You step out and find him leaning against a car. You nod hello. After five minutes of silent sitting, he asks what you’re doing outside at a party.

“I’m out here to take a smoke.” You don’t drink.

“Really? Me too.”

“Do you have a lighter?”

He shakes his head no. “Do you have a cigarette?”

You shake your head no. You both blush. Why was your first instinct to lie?

You talk for ten minutes. It’s not magical. He complains a lot about his job and the country, and you find a way to see every male action as sexist. His sister wants to leave, so he does too. You only remember him fondly because you were both out there to stare at the moon. That big, cheesy, orange orb, in all its majesty, brought you together.

Five days later, he texts…

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