Guide to dealing with things not going your way 2

Following up on part 1 of this post, I think that letting go is in three forms. 1) I have cut you off 2) Do that nonsense one more time and I’ll cut you off and 3) God, clearly this person has a problem, hence the recurring habit. How can I help them?

Who said Christian living is easy? I currently strongly dislike this phase, praying for people who bore me. Why? Why do I have to deal with you when I can cut you off and forget about you? Hai?!

When people say that the bible and God don’t make sense, I am 100% with them. That’s what makes it so genius. Check the prerequisite of every great inventor. Crazy was a word used to summarize them all but look at where we are because of them. Bottled water… the hell? Are you crazy?

So please hear me out on this one.

I won’t use my life as an example, I have failed miserably in this area, BUT! For every time you have wronged God, how many times has He cut you off? How many times have you given Him empty praises but run back to Him when things are thick, and though it hurt and took time, through the breaking of your hardened heart, you saw His mercy and grace, and even perhaps an answered prayer?

Like, if you are in it for real, He comes through, always, but you better have learnt those difficult lessons.

Back to us humans- this calls for the Spirit. You can’t do this alone, it is beyond human nature to be nice to people who treat us like garbage. There are few exceptions but even they have transcended, through working on their inner man, pettiness. But what I have seen work in people’s lives (this is how much I have NOT been implementing this) who pray for those who wrong them is that they come back to me and tell me that 1) Their attitude toward the person has changed and eventually, 2) something in the person that they are praying for has changed. I am yet to see the results, but within me I have peace and grace toward a person that even when they blunder, though I’ll get angry by default, with time I’ll shrug it off and pray.

That’s all I have.

Cheers people.



Well! That was intense!


You meet at a friend’s house party. You step out and find him leaning against a car. You nod hello. After five minutes of silent sitting, he asks what you’re doing outside at a party.

“I’m out here to take a smoke.” You don’t drink.

“Really? Me too.”

“Do you have a lighter?”

He shakes his head no. “Do you have a cigarette?”

You shake your head no. You both blush. Why was your first instinct to lie?

You talk for ten minutes. It’s not magical. He complains a lot about his job and the country, and you find a way to see every male action as sexist. His sister wants to leave, so he does too. You only remember him fondly because you were both out there to stare at the moon. That big, cheesy, orange orb, in all its majesty, brought you together.

Five days later, he texts…

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4th Anniversary

According to WordPress I have been blogging for 4 years now. That is a long time not to be a sensational blogger competing with- Wambaire, si you just relax?.

As I smell the different aromas skydiving in the office… *pauses to look for deep thoughts to share* turmeric and baking soda are the answer to teeth whitening. Like for real. I am yet to get coconut oil to complete the full whitening package but that stuff works. Y’all should try it. ‘But turmeric stains teeth!’ erm no, it does not. I could go into the chemistry of it but I would be depriving someone else of the much needed traffic. Also on those pages you can learn all about the healing properties turmeric and coconut oil have that Colgate and Sensodyne will not tell you about.

If you don’t believe me pick a night you know the next day you’ll be indoors, form a paste with the three said ingredients, chill for 5-10 minutes, spit, rinse and brush teeth as usual, then come and thank me.

Also, for those who don’t floss, humor me and buy some floss or floss harps, floss then smell that string. Then I dare you to not floss daily after that.

Hint: A sewer will come to mind. I. Kid. You. Not. And no, it’s not just me. 😛

Dental hygiene aside, roughage is life. I will not expound further.

Oh and gents, if you ever wonder how a woman wears a short skirt in the freezing cold and does not have chronic pneumonia, it can be attributed to either Vaseline or the below:


Men, since cracked-lip-aitis is common among you, use this, and she will propose. For those not in relationships we’ll have something else to refer to you as other than, ‘Ule chali ana lips za white.’ or ‘that guy who keeps licking his lips like a fisi’.

So yea, that is my 4th anniversary speech.




This is learning progress but yea, let’s dive!

How do you balance being open and true with what you are getting in a friendship? I think a lot of people have this problem. Say you have that one friend that, when you hang out, they are very present but when you part, you know that the next time you hang out with them is when you actually bump into them. And this is alright, friendships on different levels is normal. I am in a WhatsApp group that I was taught was for forwards and general things but not for emo stuff, disclosure is out of question. But if I’m asked, I say these people are my friends.

But something I have learned is that a single human being needs to operate at different frequency.


You can’t be open to someone who calls you once in a blue moon. That is not fair to you. You can’t be friends with a parent who esteems ‘doing the right thing’ more than extending grace. Your best friend can’t be that person you call and is always unavailable. You can’t open up to a person that is inconsistent. You can’t be friends with a colleague or employer who’s constantly picking at your flaws.

And that’s okay.

I am slowly learning what David was going on about in Psalms. Am I the only one who used to read that and go, ‘Heh, and this man was passionate!’ And it occurred to me that we know God at the frequency we put effort in. It’s not any different for any relationship. The tragedy is that we put more effort into our work than friendships and complain when the latter falls apart. Stupid really.

In a society where people are out to not get hurt, I think, for myself, that you should only open up to the level someone is that. There are people, even if they call me ‘close friend’, I have learnt they need to be kept at a distance. But that’s also dependent- there are friends I will not curse around, there are others I’ll be asking God for forgiveness after unleashing a string of profanities! Energy people, energy. 😀

My point is (ha! She has one!) is that, don’t feel bad when you are not as open as you want to be to people close to you. Frequency.

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” Matthew 7:6

Extreme but true.