Like can we seriously deal with the issue?

TedEx is a wormhole. At 3am I found myself watching a talk by Whitney Thore and if you don't know who that is that's fine, you can search her online later, and if you have a lot more time in your hands you can check out her Ted Talk. She really makes a good poimt... Continue Reading →


Levels of ‘poop’ management 

I like to equate growth with potty training. While you are a step up from pooping in diapers constantly, growth comes with learning to: Making a habit of telling an older person you need to poo, even if you are in your diapers, so that they can rush you to the potty or the nearest... Continue Reading →

“You don’t know me!”

"You don't know me!" We often say this exasperated or in anger when misunderstood or judged in relationships with people we care about. What I've seen in my life however (and in movies 😊) is that when I say it in quiet disbelief without the accompanying neck roll and hair toss then yoooo, you've cut... Continue Reading →

The friends that gotta go

There are people who are so easy to walk away from; they irritate you at first sight, show their nasty true colors after one or two or several seatings... And these people I will cut off without a second thought. I quite honestly like this type. It doesn't have to be a complete severance, I'll... Continue Reading →

Admit it, We Killed Feminism

Several course meal for thought.

Watch as a woman with access to equal opportunity to greatness is stifled by the standards and expectations we set on her because society’s standards are not the standards of equality yet.

There are things I wouldn’t like to admit to myself. Things such as the encroachment of stupidity in my surroundings that seems to be a willing indulgence as opposed to a tragic outcome of schools becoming the meeting point of kerosene and fire as opposed to the best possible brains. Things such as the need for activism, more especially gender based activism in an age where it is generally accepted that we’ve done enough damage with the empowered girl child and need to collect the boy child from a drunken stupor after he drops out of school because there is no room for him on the path to a board room chair. Things such as saying women need…

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