Sticky situation

You know that moment when you want to ask a question but the answer comes while you are verbally posing the question?

This is it right here.

So, with my intelligent brother being, well… Intelligent, he’s been sending me quotes and imparting wisdom that can be simply summarized as this: Life is our [subjective] outlook on things determined by our inward state of being. 

I’ll let you figure that out though I will be talking more about this in the posts to come.

So I’ve just had a passionate conversation with my father, and I now know that my being truly thankful should not be dependent on how someone did something, (like someone aggressively throwing something at you that you’ve asked for nicely or when someone does something for you and their tone or body language makes you feel that what they did is contaminated and thus you cannot enjoy it, for example if a waiter semi-slams your coffee down or gives you that half assed smile)… But I should always say thank you from a pure heart. However, a dilemma lingers.

I got back to my room and found that a paragraph I had written on a chat had been responded to by- you know those close ended responses that leave you thinking, ‘ Okay, why am I talking to you again?’ Yes, that. I was tempted to rant about it on my WhatsApp update saying, ‘By the way we don’t have to talk.’ but then the dilemma reared it’s head again.

What dilemma?

‘The people who trigger us, or cause us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being.’~ Teal Swan 


But what happens if the person is ‘out of step’? Should you not respond to them? How do you get the message across without the fear that it will point back at you and display symptoms of log-and-speck disease?

The asnwer came simply.

Are you responding in love? No? Check yourself.

I have noticed that if I speak in love, even if I’m saying something contrary to the other person’s thoughts, they tend to be calmer in their response. If they attack me and I know I wasn’t out to be an ass, there’s still a peace within me. Not peace in ‘knowing’ I am right, but peace in knowing I can respect their response- not everyone had to agree with you even though by many [subjective] standards they are off. I’m working on inforcing my reactions though, I may not be inwardly angry or agitated but my face and voice need deliverance because yo! People thinking I want to kill them! 😅

So there.