When you realize why you avoid people who actually like you…

This post is for the confident people who never knew they inwardly disliked or hated themselves.   Lemme set the scene with the video below. https://youtu.be/BqyChjVdM3E I always knew this at the back of my mind but it being brought to my conscious gave me an Aha! moment. When you take a closer look this... Continue Reading →


Rock Adventure hiking trail, Mukurwe -ini

It was a tiring, exciting and well spent Sunday at the Rock Adventure hiking place in Mukurwe – ini, Nyeri. The steep climbs and rock boulders along the river bed added extreme challenge that… Source: Rock Adventure hiking trail, Mukurwe -ini

DIY For the Lost 20-Something Year Old

*thanks Josephat Auma, DYI? Smh! Thanks for always catching my typos hahaha!  I think that we make healthy permanent life changes, especially those that touch on our internal being, when we are tired of being tired of doing the same thing over and over again. Are you tired of being tired of waking up tired... Continue Reading →

Growth is messy 😱

  You know you are growing, and messily so, when you question your own sanity.   Growth is tiring and feels haphazard. Your foundation is shaking, falling apart, and suddenly you question and challenge everything. That thing you used to do, you question it, along with everyone you did it with. They don't approve of... Continue Reading →

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