On knowing if you’re on the right path…

How do you know if you are on the right path?

When I picked out the sticky note, I felt that this was such a loaded question and spent the next two weeks wondering, ‘Indeed, how do I know if I’m on the right path?’  For one, my life from the outside looks filled with a lot of nothing happening.

Nowadays I see my demons as lizards close to a fire and their reality no more than an illusion. The illusion here is that being on the right path comes with a band, a circus, your own paparazzi and a media station dedicated to airing your accomplishments to the world.

My friend’s mum asked me what I do with my time given I have been at home for the past six months, just concluding a consultancy that took way too long to wrap up. I read books and listen to audio books that change my outlook on life (career wise and as Wambaire) and how I do things. In short I self-improve. Books like A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, A Road to Character by David Brooks and The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck have helped me understand that I have A LOT to do with how my life runs its course… a LOT, so much so that I can’t blame the world for my problems really. A Course in Miracles is helping me change how I perceive the world- everything as I know it is an illusion, love vs. hate, fear vs. courage- none of it is real. Then there’s the bible, and other books like the Eragon series, The Looting Machine, Deep Work and The Year of Yes that supplement the gaps in between.

Fascinating Maureen, fascinating…

I can understand the semi blank stare my friend’s mum gave me, really, I can. Culture has shown us that if you are exerting energy on a task that can’t be seen outwardly, you are doing nothing. This mentality is why companies are not as productive as they ought to be. Deep Work by Cal Newport will tell you this. Check things off your list doesn’t mean said tasks were done to the best of your ability, I am learning, it’s how ‘deep’ into the task you went that distinguishes a target met and excellence.

Just because you are paddling hard doesn’t mean you are moving.

I have no pains about being home during this time because I have GROWN internally. It doesn’t look like I am doing much, but I’m coming to understand that to change your life you have to change the map within that directs your life.

Funny enough, working on your inner self is harder than spending time trying to start a hustle or dropping your CVs everywhere. It’s just like cleaning a sewer line that you want to run clean water through; makes you gag, brings tears to your eyes and you hate every minute of it. 😀

So back to the question: how do you know if you are on the right path?

  1. You are better than you were yesterday.
  2. No matter how small, the steps you are taking contribute toward achieving your purpose in life.
  3. You are at peace.

Just because you can’t see air doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 🙂





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