Food and booze ≠ sex

This is a very touchy topic. And yes, pun intended.

At what point did a life necessity and a liquid that clouds your judgment become a currency for sex?

I remember having an awkward conversation with a guy some years back letting him know that I was not okay with his asking for a kiss and such like favors after a night out. I didn’t ask you to pay for my drinks. I mean, thanks, but if we didn’t agree at the beginning of the night that we’ll do naughty naughty, then please, don’t ask. Make your intentions clear from the get-go.

‘Wambaire these days you’re lost!‘ it’s because of this nonsense. Actually.

I brought this logic to a guy friend last night and he implied that women do know what’s coming. “If a guy throws drinks all night, and at 5 am you start stories… Nah!” I get it, society has told us that if a guy ‘invests’ in you all night, you are meant to sleep with him.

Heads are being nodded, cool…

But how is this okay? At what point was this logic made acceptable? I’d like to know when we took this road and how to get back.

I get the ‘thirsty broke girl’ phenomenon, and I will get round to that on a later post because I am in no means saying that women are blameless in this insane logic, but for now, my gentlemen, I am addressing you.

I have amazing brothers. The toilet seat is always down and with no pee or pee stains. That is how I KNOW they respect me as a sister. It’s not ‘but men…’ no, it is human decency. I see how my elder brother treats his lady. I can’t say much about my younger brother- I don’t want him having to explain to my very African folks why he’s not focusing on his studies 😀 Watching my dad fuss over his wife, my dear mother, when we are out for a meal is just the sweetest thing ever. Given the option he’d probably go to the kitchen and make sure they nail her order.

And that is my utopia, and the reason why I don’t understand how, to be specific, food and drinks are a currency for sex. Si you give me that cash? Like I could put it to better use, ha! I’m sure some females out there are nodding. #thestruggleisreal

A no, is a no, is a no. Once you put a ‘but’ at the beginning of a sentence, men who fall into that category, I have a problem with you. This excuse that ‘women don’t know what they want’ as a reason to overrule her no makes you an opportunist and God forbid your mother, sister, daughter, whoever meets a man like you.

You are an independent thinker, bold, takes charge and makes firm decisions. Why are you suddenly such a spaghetti  when it comes to self-control? Can you show me scientific evidence that backs your ‘but I am a man’ for infringing on the rights of a woman to say no? Imagine I have shifted to science because if we were all upstanding Christians, or people ascribing to a religion as a good number do, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Maureen, it’s a monologue…

See your petty self.

But Wambaire, we are all grown ups!

Can we not play politics and silly PR and address the issue?

Taking out a woman on a date that you will not wife, or at least date (FAITHFULLY) is a stupid investment. It’s not even an investment, it’s a liability because that ‘no’ is real. Those who rape women are beasts- I see where the metaphor came from- savage and lacking in self-control. Gentleman, if we you still want to debate how fucking a woman who’s clearly not in a right mind is not rape then I think there is a special corner for you in hell. Tell me this, if you are sure this chick will not have sex with you sober, what part of your brain houses the thought that it’s okay when she is drunk? Pris, tell me, I have a hammer that can correct that sort of malfunction.

Dear reader, as I sat talking to my friend last night such heaviness came over me because if men don’t have these conversations among themselves, what is the purpose of these 3000+ characters?


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