Other side of pain

Have you ever thought ‘if they only understood me they’d know where I am coming from’ especially when we are wrongly branded or unjustly punished for something we did or said that was from a seemingly good place? I say seemingly because our hearts are quite often ‘desperately wicked’ and cannot be trusted.

As I muse on this, it’s occurred to me that I am equally judging the other person.

I’m learning to make peace with the reality that those around you will not always understand you. Only trust that they didn’t wake up with an item on their to do list named ‘hurt so-and-so’.

I’m learning to own my emotions, my perceived views on other people, and my actions. Peace is in the mind, not in the calm of the day.

I’m learning to not ignore the pain,  to make peace with the pain, but not to dwell on it. Denial of pain is a guaranteed path to a life of misery.

I’m learning to instead focus on the lesson, as this molds me and makes my edges smoother.

I am learning forgiveness and love.


One thought on “Other side of pain

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  1. I think some wicked people with very dark hearts have an item in their to do list named ‘hurt so-and-so’. However, we have to choose how to react to their machinations.


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