Trust me, she’s not crazy

Post publishing note: and then there’s the saying crazy people think they are normal.

I don’t know about your friends but mine, when you say ‘children’, their eyes glaze over. We have nothing against babies; we just don’t think getting one is the right thing for us, especially not in the near future.

But why Wambaire?

We can’t commit to relationships without complaining- watoto tutaweza? And I know this is TMI, as is everything I put here, but I feel inclined to shed light on this breed of women I seem to fall under. We like the idea of a man, we like the idea of marriage, and we like the idea of kids. But that is all those are, ideas.

Before equating it to how damaged we are, I invite you to look at it differently. It takes to have grown in a certain type of environment and interacted with certain types of people at an early age to learn to hear your voice. As you get older, you come into space where you understand that you have a sense of power. This manifests differently. Some it will be My Dress My Choice, others it will be I Can Sleep With Whomever I Want and others I’m Coming After Your Job/Man/Life. It, sadly, because of social roles, comes out as these women are deviant… and yes, grey area.

The exhausting thing about it is that society, men, your parents and everyone who’d do better minding their own business, takes it as an attack upon themselves and their values. If you feel that way, please realize that it is not about you. None of it is. That’s just an entity- apart from you- figuring out where they stand on a lot of things. You have to appreciate the role of sociology and psychology to understand how what you do is a by-product of fine programming.

So why do we have so many robots walking around?

…because no one likes to ask “why”.

A moment of silence for Josephat Auma’s brain cells that perished on Saturday morning when what should have been a chilled conversation turned into ‘but why?’ Some people didn’t sign up for it.

Deviant and programming… these women I speak of have an awareness that a lot of what they do, think, say, feel, expect, take up, accept- all that- is as a result of messaging introduced into their life at specific points and they took them up as their own truth. The problem is that that’s not their truth. That’s other people’s ideas of what the truth is. When these women start questioning these programmed truths, now everyone gets upset, and thus, deviant.

Next time you see a woman 25 and over looking like she needs to be dragged to church for an exorcism, understand where she’s coming from. She’s not crazy, she’s just fighting a lot of voices in her head. She knows hers is somewhere in there, she just hasn’t learned how to neatly silence and amplify.

And please, if you’re a man, don’t say some damn stuff like she just needs your male parts or to deal with daddy issues. If that’s the full extent of your understanding of women then let me know to hook you up with my 21 year old brother. He has more sense than you do.


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