Of mental illness and good bosses

I always fancied myself a freelance writer until I was told I can get a staff rate on a website if I wanted one. And here we are.

I thank God for the boss I have because this was the conversation

one ring later

Him: Hello

Me: I am having a shit time. Can you please reassign the work?

Him: No problem. Lemme give you two days. I will call you on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Me: Thanks.


The reason why I am transparent about my mental health journey is because I never want anyone to feel alone because I have been there. It is a dark place. I thank God for the solid friends and ever after I have that have my back in the face of what I am going through.

I went for a follow up on Wednesday last week and after talking to the psychiatrist I might have an early symptom of psychosis. I am scared as heeeeellll because of that. And the only thing that is keeping me in check is that we caught it early.

The depression is still there. The loneliness is still there. I am currently struggling with finding my voice because for so long I have been taught to be ashamed of being strongly opinionated. The worst part about mental health is that you are taught to be soooo ashamed of it because “you are crazy”. I am not crazy, my brain just has a problem. Thanks.

I get how this looks like putting my business out in the streets, but I am here for the people who are lonely and don’t feel like they don’t have a community. If this is gossip fonder for you, well…. you need to see a shrink also.


I got you. We’re in this together.

If you read this, share the email at least. You don’t know who you could be helping out.

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