Who’s your momma?

Let’s all mentally agree, right now; humans are a mess. All of us includes you. In that same spirit, let us agree that we have hope because it’s crucial. Today’s hard question is “Who’s your momma?” I don’t know in what age bracket we reach- perhaps mid-20s and closer to 30s, that we begin viewing... Continue Reading →


The Illusion of Self

I'd set out to write about 'what makes you you' and did quite a bit of research but because I figured you're here to read my thoughts and not an essay, I'll try keep it chilled.  For now.  From the School of Google there are varying thoughts on what makes you, well, you. Some say... Continue Reading →

Alafu sasa?

*Then what? I always thought that in order to have a blog that serves a purpose I have to be like Cynthia Kimola, you know, writing about relationship and such like topics that generally affect people’s lives. Then there is my type of blog, rants, thoughts and short stories that feel neither here nor there.... Continue Reading →

For real though? Sijiskii.

So there goes my plan to work from home… the kitchen is being renovated and when I left this morning it was but an empty shell, kinda like something you’d see as the aftermath of intensive gun fire in a war film. I have this friend, shrink, brother in Christ… can’t quite figure out what... Continue Reading →

Mwanamke ni mood swings

Loosely translated to mean 'a woman is characterized by her mood swings' This phrase holds true to me for the past week so I thought I take this opportunity, throw caution to the wind and say what really what thoughts make rounds in my faculties. Along with an array of typos 😀 It will probably... Continue Reading →

Marriage ni Kuvumilia

'Marriage ni kuvimilia.'These were the words of one mother to her last born daughter when she complained about her husband. (Marriage is endurance) I like listening to stories and not those that beginning with ‘Once upon a time’. I want to hear real life stories because fiction, to be honest, is overrated. Not unless you are... Continue Reading →

Coffee Series: The business of minding our own business

I was watching Jerseylisious earlier (for those who have not watched this reality show, it is basically about these group of friends and foes working in hair and makeup salons) and the drama was as fierce as it was when I last watched it... probably a year ago. There is a lot of gossip and... Continue Reading →

Coffee Moments: Nope… this is Milo

I really was not in the mood for coffee today. I would like to start with an epic proclamation of 'SHETANI ASHINDWE' but while you say 'Amen' I would like to point out that this statement is redundant. He is already defeated. Move on. So before you go round telling the devil that, remember that... Continue Reading →

Coffee Moments: Violation of Banana’s Rights

This banana is innocent. It never asked to be nominated, voted and crowned as a sex symbol. If it had a soul it would be damaged, confused, hurt, lost, broken. Everything that God made was 'very good'. Why can't we ladies then no longer eat a banana in public and not get winks from some... Continue Reading →

Coffee Moments: Lost art of conversations

*sips coffee* I just remembered this lame memory of me in middle school. When we were living in Uganda the land line was off limits half the time because my brother managed to run the bill to the high heavens. I probably played a part but memory tells me that he was mostly to blame.... Continue Reading →

Coffee Moments: Not Always about you

  *sips coffee* *gags* I will even be bold and say that it is hardly ever about you. This comment should not be held against me, I am just at that point of my life where humbleness, an old concept yet a totally new experience, has been introduced to me. I must say clearly, without any... Continue Reading →

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