Words about a heart

He tore me open and consumed me, Finishing off with my skin to give no remnants a fighting chance. I took it with pleasure on my face But my heart pounded and begged and pleaded. This organ bounced in his pocket, cold and detached, trying to find warmth in the depths of the dark hole, inching closer to his... Continue Reading →


Shelter from L-

These are words These are words about the words that I will not say I will not repeat them to myself- and I dare not tell them to you. Though these words have been written and threatened Escaped the recycled bin, Only to land in folder under the wrong title, They have reigned in my... Continue Reading →

Poem: It’s Definitely You.

It’s not me, it’s you.My soul and mind you have notIntrigued, captured, run off with-Okay maybe it’s not you,It’s me.Your Googled card tricksAnd magic tricks don’tMeet my standards of amazementSo this is the part I say‘It’s been real.’I will now leave you to watchThe cloud of dust left by my heelsAs I proceed to run... Continue Reading →

Different Kind of Love Poem

Kya Hither I feel for you fountains and dandelions. I feel for you unicorns and red roses. I feel for you like Cinderella and Beauty. I want you like this was Disney Channel but I want you without the hustle,  without the need to fight and hurt  and without the need to wait and grow.... Continue Reading →


It is all vanity. Chasing after what you desire in life, getting it, putting it aside and on to the next one. It is pretty pointless. Letting an abundance of possibilities present skits in your mind and finding peace or worry in the will-not-happen. It is senseless. Pouring your heart to those you feel are... Continue Reading →

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