Words about a heart

He tore me open and consumed me,

Finishing off with my skin to give no remnants a fighting chance.

I took it with pleasure on my face

But my heart pounded and begged and pleaded.

This organ bounced in his pocket,

cold and detached,

trying to find warmth in the depths of the dark hole,

inching closer to his skin

but the veil made it clear;

you cannot touch his soul.

Me, heartless, lost,

roamed his path after him,

too weak to fight the lies,

but ever pushing the scorching truth behind.

I stumbled and fell into the arms men

Seeking to share their hearts,

to bring solace,

but they liked theirs pumping within them.

My heart was now far off,

but I could hear her whimpering.

And then came the tug.

A few more steps and she would have been gone forever

I scream, yell, curse.

She is dropped to the ground with a thud.

He walks away.

She is crying.

I know she is damaged

but I will not take a step closer.

She is better there.

She knows it too.

If I put her back to her pedestal

She might not survive another giveaway.

Don’t pity her though, she’s a patient one,

waiting for the Good Samaritan

to mend and own her for a change.


Shelter from L-

These are words

These are words about the words that I will not say

I will not repeat them to myself-

and I dare not tell them to you.

Though these words have been written and threatened

Escaped the recycled bin,

Only to land in folder under the wrong title,

They have reigned in my heart and mind,

Showing no signs of letting me be.

They have camp at my door waiting,

Blocking the peep hole, windows and all spaces

Causing my curiosity to churn.

They have started a fire and are singing sweet, fun, seductive melodies,

Waiting for the day I will open the door if only a crack.

They will, with all their might,

Trample me as they invade my house.

The aftermath will include a glowing transformation,

Decorated by ribbons of struggle.

There after a flag will fly from the apex of my roof.

Red and white will be the color

And all who walk by the street will know me-

‘The one who surrendered to love’.


Man Down

I pulled the trigger one more time but once again missed on purpose. I was not afraid that I would kill him, no, that was not the issue. I was just afraid of killing what we had, whatever that was. See I loved the dysfunctional relationship we had. He would not listen and I was not gentle with him. I wanted him to roll over and he just wanted to laze around one day and cause havoc on the next. I was tired of the roller coaster ride but wouldn’t give him away. I was never good at sharing.

One day he ate a small screw driver I had hidden in his bowl and when the doctor said he couldn’t get it out- the incompetence of the village folk in the town is great- I took him back to my ranch.

The riffle was still smoking and dust was just settling. Three bullets were now launched to the ground a distance away from him. I took it all in- his flinching, his panic when the gun went off and the relief, whimpering, the big eyes.  He would plead, the whimper getting louder with every bullet. I bent down and hugged him, giving him the security he longed for. Though he was laying on his side on the ground, his tail wagged.

I stood up and walked away, leaving his intestines to bleed out within him.

I came back in the night fall. His breathing had slowed, his cries labored, his eyes closed.


I was the one going to say when he died.



PS: This piece is metaphorical. I am against animal cruelty.

Poem: It’s Definitely You.

It’s not me, it’s you.

My soul and mind you have not

Intrigued, captured, run off with-

Okay maybe it’s not you,

It’s me.

Your Googled card tricks

And magic tricks don’t

Meet my standards of amazement

So this is the part I say

‘It’s been real.’

I will now leave you to watch

The cloud of dust left by my heels

As I proceed to run to the hills.


In Love and War

I don’t know when I wrote these in my poetry book but rather amused they followed one another.

I will fall, graceless and loud

laugh along and mask my shame.

I will get up and do it all again,

not because I cannot walk, no,

but because your feet is where I want to be.

You will not help me up, that’s okay;      

that would mean commitment. 

So I will get up, like the big girl I am,

dust off and remain close to you. 

I am not stupid, but far from wisest.

You are the treasure I never knew existed 

your worth far too great to ignore.

Don’t hold my hand, hold my hand, 

I do not care

as long as you are in my space

alright I shall be. 

For you, I will cage my heart in a glass jar

wondering if I will give it to you if you ask-

when you ask.


I should hand you a Certificate of Completion.

You managed to make me get over you.

The skills you utilized?


Attention to detail;

Striking the second nerve from the left?


For you I would wait.

For you I could wait. 

But after that little stunt my man?


Even in love, there’re things I simply

will not overlook. 

Don’t call me babe.

By Kya Hither

I am not your woman

So do not call me babe,

Do not call me love

And do not call me the dreaded ‘sweetie’.

I deem these words rent;

Borrowing from my well of emotions

Until further notice or convenience.

I cringe and squirm because

how do I tell you that

I do not consider you honey

or miss you in the slightest?!

So don’t tell me sweet nothings,

you are not my man.

If you were

then those nothings would translate

into sweet butterfly and heat causing


But you…

You can call me anything you like

and you can tell me anything you like

really, I don’t mind.