Pillow Lust

So I subscribed for daily 10 minute writing prompts and today was 'write about a character named Pillow.' At first I was blank but once I got writing, I amused even myself 😀   We have a thing, he and I. I always seem to think about him whenever my eyes are at half mast... Continue Reading →


Death of Me

Melvin:                Woman do not try me! Bend over! Candy:                *whining* I can’t go any further! My knees hurt  and I will tip over if I move- Melvin:                    Hold still! I am about to- Candy:                That is what you said five minutes ago! I am no longer young! Melvin:... Continue Reading →

Broken homes

She sat down gracelessly, not caring that her short pink pleated skirt was well up her thighs. Her ‘father’ frowned at her brown legs, all too familiar from the years he had visited her room at night. Neema tacked her legs under her, sinking in a bit further into the brown upholster. Her mother walked... Continue Reading →

Just Not into You

Jules:     We are NOT doing this right now. Kate:     Doing what? Jules:     Put that phone down. We both know there is nothing on Facebook to do, nothing could have popped up on Instagram since you refreshed it ten minutes ago and everyone on WhatsApp is asleep. And you are not active on... Continue Reading →

Village Christmas tales: Superwoman

Two things are true. One is that this post might get me banned from my friend’s life and two, this is the scariest funniest memory I have. I am not sure what time of the year it was (this would make for a nice Christmas memory) but my parents had packed my elder brother and... Continue Reading →

Dunes III

‘Damn it Brit!’ I said right before the director could yell ‘Cut!’ from the shadows. He yelled that no one should move and walked toward Brit, who was both visibly shocked and embarrassed. Now she definitely looks like my stalker, I thought to myself as I shifted my weight from one foot to the other,... Continue Reading →

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