The Author

This is a celebratory moment for me, having that .com at the end of my name.

The journey here has been messy. Though the inner work continues, there’s more clarity and finally, a sense of purpose and direction.

What you can expect here is openness about my life’s curriculum, a willingness to admit when I am wrong, and the evidence of God’s grace over my life, all laced with my unique humor.

If you notice changes, it’s a reflection of growth, not a struggle within me. I know who I am, and I have an unshakable awareness that I am worthy of the space I occupy. Anything else is just the fire of the Spirit doing away with impurities.

Most of all, this is a space where I talk about mental health because being a Christian doesn’t mean you go through life unscathed.

Welcome, my friend.

PS: (October 2021 update.) I use the term Christian quite loosely now. We can’t all be right and everyone wrong. Also, we blame too much on the devil, something we’d do less if we cracked a book and stayed curious.